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About Amy Mersman

Amy Mersman has two decades of seasoned real estate experience with a strong background in sales, management and purchasing. Owning and operating two successful, high-paced retail stores for twelve years at the young age of 22, buying and selling is her niche!  This entrepreneurial spirit was developed further when she executed her first construction loan with the intent to developed four acres with eight rental units per acre. Soon after she entered the investor world at age 28 and started purchasing “buy and hold” residential houses. She now owns and manages multiple properties in two different states. This passion for and love of real estate has stuck with her for nearly 23 years.

Amy has a strong work ethic and commitment to follow through. She will always go the extra mile for you. Her enthusiasm for helping others and providing them with the best possible service drives her and brings great satisfaction to her life. When she is doing this, she is in her element. To her it has never felt like work, “I love the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of a job well done. The relationships I make along the way are the most rewarding and valuable assets I have.”

Amy moved from Colorado to Florida in 2015 and has enjoyed exploring all the treasures Florida has to offer. When she is not involved in real estate, she loves spending time with her family and friends on the beautiful Florida beaches or out on the water boating.

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